What is the LMB Partner Program?

At LMB, we Partner with 5-10 Entrepreneurs each month to Launch their own GUARANTEED Profitable E-commerce business online. Are YOU next?

Launch My Biz is a revolutionary digital business opportunity and Partnership that provides a complete online business with Guaranteed income! LMB offers Ecommerce opportunities which include our unparalleled $10,000 per month income Guarantee!

Why Choose Us?

When looking for a franchise or business opportunity, there are many important factors to consider:

  • Can it be operated from home?
  • Is the business proven with a solid track record?
  • Is training and support provided?
  • Is experience required?
  • What is the success rate for participants?
  • What are the hours required each day/week/month?

We’re proud to say that Launch My Biz provides:

  • Total time freedom and a work-at-home business!
  • A solid, proven and successful track record in a growing (trillion-dollar) industry!
  • Complete training & support is provided, with no experience required
  • Can be operated with only 10 hours per week
  • The success rate for our Partnerships is 100% and comes with our $10K/month Income GUARANTEE!

Ideal Candidate

The LMB Partnership Program is not for everyone. Our Partners should have some additional capital to invest in the marketing costs, website hosting, etc. for the first 6 months to help grow and scale. Our ideal candidate should:

  • Be ready and committed to building a successful online business with us
  • Be available up to 10 hours per week for online meetings and training
  • Be available to co-manage and grow their new business for the next year
  • Be willing to follow our guidance and training to ensure long-term success and growth
  • Be financially qualified to invest the minimum amounts requiredIf you think you’re a good fit and our ideal Partner, let’s talk.


LMB is built by digital marketing experts and experienced e-commerce professionals, all of whom have been in this industry for years. With nearly 100 successful Partnerships in less than a year, LMB is poised for significant growth in 2021 and beyond. Position yourself with a proven profitable e-commerce leader in a nearly trillion-dollar industry.

Training And Support

We provide unparalleled training and support for up to one full year with a Guaranteed income of at least $10,000 per month. LMB ensures your success with LIVE weekly training sessions, dedicated Partner Project Managers and unlimited support. Because the Launch My Biz program is a true Partnership, YOUR success is OUR success.

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Print on demand, or POD, is where you work with a third party supplier and customize white label products by adding your own designs to them. Print on demand services involve products sold on a per-item basis with your own brand name attached or customized design printed on the items you’ve sold through your website.

With print on demand sales, you won’t pay for a product until an order is placed and the third party supplier prints it up. After your customer places an order with you, your print on demand supplier will handle everything from that point on, from printing services to shipping.

Print on demand is a type of dropshipping model. However, print on demand and outright drop shipping differ in that with print on demand, items are only printed up and shipped once each individual order comes in.

Print on demand can be described as white label dropshipping. It provides a way to put your logo and custom design on apparel, accessories, and other products when each customer places an order.

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DFY -vs- DIY

See the difference between partnering with the experts (with Guaranteed Results) instead of going it alone…

  • Complete Professional, turnkey Done-For-You Ecommerce website

  • Niche Business model & blueprint

  • Evergreen, sustainable business verticals

  • High-margin, proven & profitable products

  • Step-by-step training & consultation

  • Expert Ecommerce Team

  • Full optimization & monetization

  • Unlimited growth & scaling

  • Launch professional, profitable marketing campaigns

  • Guaranteed results @ $10K/month

Do It Yourself

  • Amateur website development & design

  • Guessing which niche is profitable

  • Trying to source wholesale, drop ship products

  • Learn how to launch & grow a website

  • Hire a pro Ecommerce agency

  • Learn how to optimize & monetize your website

  • Learn how to launch & grow

  • Is your business sustainable

  • Try to reach $10K

Accounting resources

Exceptional Solutions with Exceptional Results.

Strategy & Blueprint

Our team researches and selects proven profitable niches with you!

Proven Profits

Let our team build a profitable business for you, from start to finish!

Complete Training

Extensive, complete training for a full year from our rexperts!

Grow & Scale

Growing & scaling is key to reaching a minimum of $10K per month!

Customer Acquisition

Research, target & acquire your passionate audience from day 1!

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