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I joined this business literally putting every last penny I had praying I could make it back as soon as possible… Well, It has been the greatest decision in my life. This business is absolutely amazing. I have learned so much and I will make my investment back way sooner than I had anticipated. I’m still not sure if I was lucky or if the hard work we’ve been doing paid off but, either way I am just so grateful I joined this business. This company has the WOW factor

Jaskirat Shergill, India

This company might be out of this world. I have made over 8k in sales with my e-commerce business in just a couple months. It’s actually mind-blowing how easy it is to learn everything. It does take time to learn…. but it’s worth it.

Lizbeth Fernanda Ortiz Alaffit, Mexico

I have been asked to write this review based off my experience so far. A little about me first, I’m not brand new to eCommerce, as I’ve had a few eCommerce stores in the past, a couple of them failed. And one of them made me some money, but never reached the levels I wanted it to reach. I’ve been with LMB since the 3rd of October 2020. Rarj has been really helpful through the whole process and my manager Art acted very professionally and he was very helpful in making sure I got to speed on everything. The store was live on the 29th of last month, (I’m in the wellness niche) and I launched my campaigns, made about $687 in total revenue so far. What needs to be improved is the overall profit %, as we just started with the campaigns, and there is so much room for improvement and optimisation, fingers crossed I’m hoping for the best!

Andreas B, USA

I have been overwhelmed with online courses and ads etc(thanks google)looking for a turnkey way of starting an online enterprise and my friend told me about these guys. first month we didn’t even make $300 yet as we continued refining the business for the next 3 months we made $1200 last month! Me having no background within the industry I’m thoroughly impressed!

Fred Tokei, USA

Better than expected! I was part of this pilot program. I thought it would be less structured but these guys know their stuff. It’s been a couple of months I’ve made back my enrollment fee and significantly more! I really appreciate the education included, hoping i can continue in this program!

Gordon K., USA
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Monthly earnings LMB Partner

Pet Products

Had a BIG Launch in January!

Launch My Biz Partner screen shot

Summer & Seasonal Products

New store – still growing!

LMB Partner

Kitchen Products

Great Launch in April – still climbing!

Childrens Toys

BIG Holiday Revenue with consistent monthly

T-Shirts & Apparel

P.O.D. store just launched in August!

Sunglasses & Eyewear

Profitable niche year ’round!

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