What is included in the Partner Program?

The LMB Partner Program is designed to be a complete DFY (Done For You) turnkey ecommerce business, ready to launch and profit. We also include complete training & consultation for 1 full year along with our famous $10K per month website.

Who is LaunchMyBiz, Inc?

Launch My Biz is a revolutionary digital business opportunity and Partnership that provides a complete “Done For You” online business with REAL RESULTS. We offer a DFY E-commerce business which includes our unparalleled $10,000 per month revenue training & support!

How many successful websites have you built?

We’re proud to have well over 100+ successful & satisfied Partners and hundreds of profitable websites in our portfolio! Leverage our experience and results by applying to become our next LMB Partner.

Do you have Partner reviews or testimonials?

In short….Yes! A ton of them and we receive more and more every month! You can see many of them here on our Partner Success page. Apply today to become our next success story – Guaranteed.

How long does it take to make $10k/month?

Every website and e-commerce business is different. Some of our Partners generate $10K within their first month of launch while others take several months to scale to $10K and beyond. There is no “1 size fits all”. Our job is not to make false promises about how quickly you will get there… our job is to simply get you there.

How does the Guarantee work?

Our Results Guarantee is solid (and simple)….

If your site is not earning at least the $10,000 per month within the first year, we remain with you to assist you until it does. We don’t stop until it is generating the $10k/month minimum!

How can you Guarantee my success?

Easy… With over 30+ years of experience, we know EXACTLY what works, succeeds and get results in online business and ecommerce. Not only can you Partner with us to leverage our expertise but you will also have the benefit of our success Guarantee. Sleep well at night knowing that we’ve got you covered.

We don’t stop until your ecommerce business is generating the $10k/month minimum!

What if my website fails?

That is why we call you our Partner…. Failure is not an option! We remain your Partner until AT LEAST $10,000 per month in revenue has been achieved.

Can I see some example websites?

We have plenty of example websites and happy Partners to share with LMB Partner applicants/prospects. This information is made available after your inquiry and Partner application has been received by us. Apply today to get started!

If every website is Guaranteed to be successful, why don’t you do this for yourselves?

Well, we do. Our agency launches at least 1 new website of our own every 1 to 3 months. Why wouldn’t we? But we’re not greedy…. we enjoy our profitable Partnerships, as well.

What is the average profit (net) per month?

This can vary based on the website, niche and products sold. Our average Partner enjoys 50% (or more) ‘net’ each month, while some lucky Partners have even greater margins & overall profit. Apply today to discover the perfect vertical & niche for you.

Do I need experience?

No, not at all! In fact, that is why you want to Partner with us, right? Our agency & teams have the experience, skills, history and results to ensure your success. Additionally, we include all the necessary training for you to effectively manage and grow your business for a lifetime.

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